Fit For Purpose

The GOODSENSE forklift trucks have been purpose built to deliver performance, handling and safety.

Worldwide Use

The GOODSENSE forklift trucks are used across the world in 115 countries including UK, USA, Europe, Russia and China.

Technical Support

GOODSENSE UK provide specialist technical and sales support with any forklift truck purchased from us.

GOODSENSE Forklift Trucks UK

The GOODSENSE Forklift Company was established in 2006 and now produce the forklift trucks in a 100,000 square meter manufacturing facility which focuses on R & D, Quality Control and Component Testing Centre. This ensures that each of their products continues to meet and exceed the expectations of its ever increasing worldwide customers.

GOODSENSE Forklifts specialise in the manufacture of:

  • 1Ton -10 Ton capacity counterbalanced Diesel forklift trucks.
  • 1Ton – 3.5 Ton capacity counterbalanced L.P.Gas forklift trucks.
  • 1Ton – 3.0 Ton  capacity counterbalanced 4 wheel electric forklift trucks.
  • 1.4 Ton – 1.8 counterbalanced 3 wheel electric forklift trucks.

Goodsense forklifts: quality forklift trucks at affordable prices

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Designed to Perform

The Forklift trucks have been designed with performance in mind, the Electric, Diesel and LPG trucks have a robust and reliable power source, to ensure the trucks go far beyond your expectations.

Enhanced Productivity

The robust power source, ergonomically designed work space and additional features, allow the Forklift Trucks to help enhance productivity.



View the GOODSENSE range of forklift trucks. We currently supply trucks with a lift capacity from 1 Ton to 48 Tons. The power source can be either Electric, Diesel or LPG.

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GOODSENSE Forklift Truck Types

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Why Choose A GOODSENSE Truck?

Reliable Control

The controls offer an easy access to the working condition of the truck, making the handling process more efficient.

Powerful Engine

The powerful engine ensures a GOODSENSE truck offers high handling performance and efficient operation.

Goodsense Forklift Trucks

Overhead Guard

Specially designed solid overhead guard that provides additional safety for the operator.

Ergonomic Seats

Designed according to ergonomic principles, makes operation much more comfortable and reduces fatigue.


If you are interested in the GOODSENSE Trucks, simply call us or fill in our form and we will contact you.